Prospective Students

I am on sabbatical fall 2020-spring 2021.  Please read below for guidance.

Prospective Ph.D. students:  We have accepted students for the incoming fall class, 2021.  I am sorry to not be able to accept more.

It is far too early to be thinking about admissions next year but here below is information of use each year:

Because of the volume of inquiries and my being on sabbatical, I will not be responding to individual emails unless you have a specific question that is not answered below or at the linked websites.  If you DO have such a question, in the subject header of the email please say “specific question to be answered”.

General information about applying to one of the PhD programs:  The next deadline for applications will be in December.  Please refer to the website of the program you are interested in (e.g., the Clinical Psychology Program or the Program in Brain, Behavior and Cognition, both in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences; or the interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Neuroscience), for information on how to apply.

About my lab: (1) As of now, I plan to be taking a student for fall, dependent on funding and other considerations.  Please check here again in the fall to see if that has changed.   (2) My lab does not do developmental research, so if your interests are mainly developmental, do not apply to my lab.

In the cover letter of your application, indicate that you are interested in my lab.  Please note that because of the large number of inquiries that faculty receive before the application due date, our opportunity to interact with prospective students is limited before the period of interviews.  I hope that the information on this website and the linked websites helps you to decide if you are interested in applying to our lab.

M.A. students:  If you are applying for the terminal M.A., all inquiries about applications should be directed to that program. Students are selected by a faculty committee specific to that program.

Undergraduates:  The number of undergraduate researchers in the lab varies with the semester, depending on what projects are going on.  Please email me for more information and include your most recent transcript (unofficial) and CV or resume so that I have a sense of your background.  If you have specific skills you want to learn, or skills that may be useful to our lab, be sure to let me know that.  I will forward your information to my doctoral students if they are looking for an undergraduate to work with.

My email address is