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NetSci High Goes to CompleNet

April 1st, 2015 in #DataNetSciK20, Multimedia, News

With a supplemental award from NSF all our NetSci High students and teachers participated in the 6th International Workshop on Complex Networks. The NetSci High students presented their posters at CompleNet and discussed their work with attendees, and attended the entire conference and networked with some of the top researchers in the Network Science field, including some of the founders of the field such as Reka Albert and Mark Newman.

At CompleNet, NYSCI is hosting “Big Data Fest”, a public science event.

The term “Big Data” is frequently used to describe everything from how social media are used to gather information about consumers, to how data affect political, environmental and economic decision-making, to data that address security and health concerns. Yet although we might know that Big Data affects our daily lives, its exact nature – what Big Data is, and how it works – remains a mystery to most of us.

Big Data Fest pulls back the curtain on Big Data – revealing what it is, how it can help you know more about your world and how it helps the world know more about you. You will get to tinker with Big Data and interact with the researchers who work with it, find out how data and information have been used throughout history, and the ways that Big Data help us to better understand ourselves and how we fit into a global society. Through a wide variety of activities for all ages you will experience first-hand and hands-on how the most important scientific and technological advancements are made through the collecting and mapping of many different kinds of data – from the pictures you take with your phone to the satellites that hover above the Earth.

Big Data Fest is free with admission to the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) and all registered attendees of the International Workshop on Complex Networks (CompleNet 2015), and will include art exhibits, hands-on activities, talks, demonstrations, performances and workshops happening throughout NYSCI.


  • MIT Macro Connections: Bringing data to life at MIT Media Lab
  • Rutgers University COOL Lab: real-time ocean data
  • Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory: human interactions in the environment
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey: 3-D maps of the universe
  • NYU ITP: communications tech and the arts
  • Network Science for the Next Generation: data research with high schools
  • Beacon Institute: Hudson River real-time data
  • CoCensus Interactive: Queens Data Laboratory
  • MindRider: Citibike and the many moods of cycling culture in NYC
  • Welikia: Historical and contemporary NYC ecosystems data
  • NYSCI Noticing Apps: surprising things you can learn from your own data
  • Friends in Space: connect with astronauts and make friends around the world
  • SourceMap: Where does everything come from and how does it get to you?
  • MakerSpace: Build your own sensors and map your own data streams
  • Humanexus: How data have been with us all along

For more information, visit: Big Data Fest @ CompleNet 2015

NetSci High Student Video Retrospective of CompleNet:


NetSci High 2014 Slideshow

July 26th, 2014 in #DataNetSciK20, Multimedia

NetSci High 2014 Trailer

July 26th, 2014 in #DataNetSciK20, Multimedia

NetSci High 2013 Retrospective

November 1st, 2013 in #DataNetSciK20, Multimedia

NetSci High Student Retrospective 2012-13

June 2nd, 2013 in #DataNetSciK20, Multimedia

In preparation for our talk "NetSci High: An Infrastructure for Advancing Science Education", a subset of participating students recorded video of their academic year research nearing conclusion. We hope you enjoy it!

This work is part of the Network Science in Education satellite conference of the NetSci Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 3, 2013.

In our talk, we present recent advances towards building a rich and sustainable infrastructure supporting network science concepts, tools and thinking in mainstream science education K-16. We discuss our experiences with "NetSci High" which provides rich year-round opportunities for high school students research teams working in partnering research labs. Our approach is to utilize network science as a critical pathway to 21st Century skills, including use and understanding of large-scale data, real-world computer programing, the vanishing barrier between science disciplines and intersection of art, music, politics, security and science. In so doing, students gain perspective on how our complex world is connected (sometimes working together and sometimes not), an important step towards cultivating awareness in young minds.

NetSci High Group Photo

September 13th, 2012 in #DataNetSciK20, Multimedia, News

Our NetSci High Workshop was a blast! Twenty high school students from New York and Boston, as well as teachers, graduate students and scientists came together for a hands-on workshop at BU from August 21-25. Students experienced an immersive introduction to network science, completed small group projects, and prepared for an academic year of research.