About Us

Data & Network Science in K-20 Education aims to bring data, network, complexity and systems science literacy to a sustainable “K-20” STEM+Art education pipeline of innovators in research and education. We accelerate the integration of science education and interdisciplinary science research. Since 1989, we have  been dedicated to enhancing undergraduate and K-12 science education by adapting research-based models and visualization tools, developing new curricula, hosting workshops and summer internships, and involving undergraduate and graduate university students in K-12 classrooms.

Kim Howard
Associate Professor, Wheelock College of Education

Kim’s research interests include the examination of the career development process of diverse, low-income youth.

nardiCecilia Nardi
Director, Government Policy, Government & Community Affairs

Cecilia focuses on fostering and sustaining relationships between Boston University and community and government partners.

nardiChong Myung Park
Research Assistant Professor, Wheelock College of Education

Chong’s research focuses on the examination of career development in K-12 and post-secondary settings, especially the programs and services for high need, high opportunity youth populations.

Andrei Ruckenstein
Professor & Chair, Physics Department, College of Arts and Sciences

Andrei’s research focuses on three key areas, statistical mechanics models of classical computation, strongly correlated systems, and new models for higher education. During his work as a University administrator he explored new models of Higher Education addressing the indisputable structural issue with the current model of research-intensive universities.

solbergScott Solberg
Professor, Wheelock College of Education

Scott’s research focuses on career development for youth including how to promote optimal youth development and college and career readiness through the use of individualized learning plans and resiliency-based curriculum.

trunfio-150Paul Trunfio
Sr. Research Scientist, Physics Department, College of Arts & Sciences

Paul has developed and led education hands-on, curriculum and outreach efforts on a broad range of research topics including fractals, molecular dynamics computer modeling, neuroscience computer modeling, and complex systems and networks.

For more information, please contact Paul Trunfio at trunfio@bu.edu