Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Multiscale and Translational Mechanobiology (CMTM) is to serve as the leading nexus for research activities that integrate the study of mechanobiology across length scales and that develop clinically translatable approaches for enhancing quality of life.

The Center will foster a rich and dynamic environment for the study and application of  mechanobiology.  This environment will catalyze large-scale research initiatives, enhance the training of students, medical residents, and postdoctoral fellows, and help foster the career development of junior faculty.

The Center has three main themes:

1. Development and application of tools to model, image, analyze and manipulate the cellular and subcellular mechanical environment, particularly within complex tissues.

2. Integration of engineering and biological approaches that quantify the effects of physiological and disease-related changes in the cellular and subcellular mechanical environments on biological processes.

3. Design of technologies that leverage discoveries in matrix, cell and organ mechanobiology for therapeutic advances.