Welcome from the Director

The importance of studying mechanobiology has never been greater.  As researchers around the world continue to discover new ways that biological systems—molecules, cells, tissue, and organs—generate and respond to forces, the urgency grows to piece these discoveries together into a deeper understanding of how mechanobiology shapes the living world.  We seek this understanding not only to appreciate form and function in the natural world but also to use this knowledge to treat, cure, and prevent disease.

The CMTM is born out of Boston University’s culture of collaboration and commitment to serving the wider world—local and international.  Mechanobiology is field that lives in a number of traditional disciplines:  engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, physical therapy, and more. It is also a field that spans many length scales, from molecules to whole organs. The CMTM brings together researchers from all of these domains, creating a hub of integrated expertise in experiment, theory, simulation, and technology transfer. Together, we are addressing the most pressing health challenges and major physiological systems.

I invite you to browse our site to learn more about our students, faculty, research, and partners. You will find a world-class, inclusive environment for research and training.  If you would like to stay informed about CMTM activities, please contact us.

Elise Morgan
Maysarah K. Sukkar Professor of Engineering
Founding Director, Center for Multiscale & Translational Mechanobiology
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
Director, Micro-Computed Tomography Imaging Core Facility