Strategic Plan

The Center for Multiscale & Translational Mechanobiology at Boston University is pleased to announce the completion of our 2023-2028 Strategic Plan.

View the slideshow below for more information on the planning process and resulting strategies and action steps developed in support of our mission,

to serve as the leading nexus for research and training activities that integrate the study of mechanobiology across length scales and that develop clinically translatable approaches for enhancing quality of life.

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We would like to thank the faculty and staff who worked on creating this plan over the course of six months, as well as our many stakeholders who assisted with the process and provided valuable input in shaping the future of the Center.  We look forward to implementing these strategies over the next five years to better serve all of you and the greater mechanobiology community.


Read Full Strategic Plan Here

CMTM Strategic Planning Task Force:

Elise F. Morgan, Xaralabos (Bob) Varelas, Hadi T. Nia, Cara Lewis, Paola Divieti-Pajevic, Qiang (QC) Cui, Emma Lejeune, & Beth Barrett Lai