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Staff & Service Contacts

General Inquiries (all hours of operation)
Phone (617) 353-4301
Fax (617) 353-4307

(See Hours Page)
Phone (617) 353-4304
Email pardstf@bu.edu 

(all hours of operation)
Phone (617) 353-4301
Email ask@bu.edu

(all hours of operation)Phone (617) 353-4301
Email pardres@bu.edu

Access Services

photo of Brock Edmunds

Brock Edmunds

Assistant Head for Access Services, Pardee Management Library

Vahdeta Husejinovic

Access Services Assistant

Jessie Klitus-Flaim

User Services Assistant

Faye Ko

User Services Assistant

photo of Basilio Serna

Basilio Serna

User Services Coordinator

Information Services

photo of Kathy Berger

Kathleen Berger

Assistant Head of Information Services, Pardee Management Library

photo of Dorice Moylan

Dorice Moylan

Reference Librarian