Alumni Spotlight: Conor LeBlanc

Alumni Spotlight is a series highlighting former affiliates of the Initiative on Cities (IOC).  We catch up with our alumni to feature their current work, updates, and accomplishments. Today, we highlight Conor LeBlanc, a former Associate Director with the Initiative on Cities.

Conor is a Senior Development Manager at the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) Real Estate & Asset Management department, where he works with internal stakeholders and external development partners to build a range of projects on Massport property, from office buildings to seafood processing facilities and cargo terminals. During his time at the IOC, Conor managed events, marketing, and social media and helped develop the Menino Survey of Mayors, among other projects in multiple roles. 

Prior to working at the IOC, Conor worked in Boston City Hall on Mayor Thomas Menino’s Advance Team, where he supported the Mayor and other staff at events and engagements throughout the City. Conor grew up in Boston and now lives on the North Shore with his wife Kim, baby boy Nolan, and dog Sophie.

He graduated from Georgetown University in 2012, obtaining a BA in History & Government. He received his MBA from Boston University Questrom School of Business during his time at the IOC in 2017.