Meet the 2024 Summer Accelerator Cohort!

Ten early-stage ventures have been selected to participate in Innovate@BU’s Summer Accelerator program! This 10-week intensive program helps students build their ventures through mentorship, entrepreneurial education, and more. 

Looking to support student innovators with your skills and gain experience at one of these amazing new ventures? Join the Innovate@BU Talent Network, where our student innovators can reach out if you seem like a good fit!

Get to know the participants below!

CipherSonic Labs 

We provide a game-changing cybersecurity solution for enterprises dealing with privacy issues while processing data in the cloud. Our homomorphic encryption-based FPGA solution ensures the strongest data privacy and seamlessly integrates with existing cloud infrastructures.

The ongoing threat of data breaches and the theft of personal information is a pervasive concern in today’s digital landscape. We are excited about the prospect that our venture can offer individuals peace of mind, knowing that their data is safe and secure.

-Rashmi Agrawal, CipherSonic Labs


PROMUNCH is a simple yet strikingly nutrition-dense snack to help you complete your daily protein fix. Our snacks, like PROMUNCH, have 48% plant-based protein, and are vegan, gluten-free and roasted!

“I am deeply passionate about addressing protein deficiency, and I believe that our brand has the capacity to bring about meaningful change. This passion drives me to continuously innovate and strive for excellence in everything we do.”


Astra Wellbeing 

Astra Wellbeing is an SMS-based wellness platform specializing in improving employee engagement and retention through tailored messages of positive reinforcement and on-demand wellness resources. Through our award-winning platform, we are on a mission to leverage the power of mobile devices to foster a culture where all healthcare employees feel appreciated, recognized and motivated every single day – one text message at a time. 

“The US declared healthcare burnout and turnover as the next modern crisis. By addressing these issues directly, we aim to ensure that our healthcare system continues to provide the highest quality care to every patient.”

-Johar Singh, Astra Wellbeing

Technotonin Industries LLC 

Electric wheelchairs have two big problems: they’re expensive, and they’re difficult to transport. Our Portable Affordable Wheelchair Enhancer (PAWE_ solves these problems as an attachment that electrifies a manual wheelchair. This device eliminates the need for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, or for big businesses to have big dedicated rooms for electric wheelchairs.

“As an engineering student, I love building things. But, running a business means more than just building things, and I’m glad I can gain more knowledge about the business aspect of it through this program.”

-Arav Tyagi, Technotonin Industries LLC


We are a mobile application platform designed to foster a close-knit digital space for first-generation college students while amplifying first-gen shared experiences. Our app aims to help first-generation college students build peer-to-peer relationships in college and find opportunities to meet people who will later become champions in their life.


Udayaa is a student-friendly crowdfunding platform dedicated to scaling students’ social impact ideas and creating lasting, sustainable impact. Our student-centric fundraising solution is a low-cost, easy-to-use method of raising funds while cultivating a strong support system and vibrant ecosystem of student changemakers.

“I’m deeply passionate about the role Udayaa will play in supporting a vibrant ecosystem of social entrepreneurship and fostering confidence in students’ own ideas. I believe that this will generate extraordinary shared value and I’m really looking forward to working towards that vision.”

-Tanya Shizan, Udayaa


OpenLake provides cost- and time-effective API management and data infrastructure solutions to SaaS companies and financial service providers. Our solution is a no-code software that allows users to automatically map, validate, and use data from any source. It plugs seamlessly into existing workflows and works in milliseconds.

I am very passionate about the idea of democratizing access to data so that non-technical people can access and use data at scale. We are moving towards an entirely digital and technological society. Yet, the gap between being able to use data and technology and the everyday person is too large, and we want to eliminate it entirely.”

-Milan Tahliani, OpenLake

Mous Films 

Mous Films is a production studio started by Asian filmmakers to push forward stories of inclusivity and innovation. Our mission is to authentically highlight Asian representation in media and blend nuanced storytelling with cinematic euphoria, starting with investing in POC filmmakers and funding small-budget independent films. 

 “We’re deeply passionate about ushering upcoming Asian talent and creating opportunities for BIPOC filmmakers to tell incredible stories that have been overlooked.”

-Ren Amer, Mous Films

Rx Healthcare 

Rx Healthcare is a telehealth venture aiming to transform pharmacies across south-Asian countries into digital tele-clinics, leveraging technology to enhance healthcare accessibility and reduce medical malpractices. Our model integrates pharmacies into the healthcare system by providing them with the necessary digital infrastructure and medical devices necessary to connect remote communities with qualified healthcare providers through telemedicine.

As someone who has witnessed firsthand the challenges of accessing quality healthcare in rural areas, I am deeply committed to leveraging technology to bridge this gap and empower individuals to take control of their health. Rx Healthcare is not just about providing medical services; it’s about empowering communities, promoting health equity, and driving positive social change.”

-Sanjiv Gupta, Rx Healthcare


BARO is a clothing rental company combatting waste and underutilization in the fashion industry through a peer-to-peer marketplace. We allow individuals, as well as entities such as small brands and stylists, to rent out infrequently used clothing items to women who want to wear high quality fashion for a fraction of the cost. 

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