Meet the 2021 Summer Accelerator Cohort

On June 7, 2021, Innovate@BU will kick off its annual Summer Accelerator program. The Summer Accelerator is a prestigious 10-week program that provides weekly education sessions, paired mentors, in-kind startup resources, and a $10,000 stipend to each participating startup team. 

See the full list of teams accepted to the 2021 cohort:

  • Bridges is an online interactive anti-racism and racial equity training to teach students about how racism is perpetuated in their classrooms, social settings, behavior, and policies.
  • is a network is a user-first ad network making digital ads right for everyone.
  • The Green Line Groupe is creating a financial communication platform for the trade signaling industry.
  • Mount a mobile app that connects friends through spontaneous, timed video calls that digitally recreates the experience of bumping into a friend on the street.
  • Nudgepop is a tool that helps businesses optimize the content on their website by providing an easy to use, non-intrusive solution that integrates with your content and improves conversion rate.
  • One Swipe Bets Inc., a mobile fantasy sports and digital card game, is for sports fans of all levels and connects players worldwide in skill-based competition. We simplify the sports betting experience and allow players to make predictions in real-time on live sports events as they are televised.
  • Project 310 is building a mobile application called BumpCall which allows people to keep in touch with their friends in a fun, hands-off way.
  • Raiz Cuidado a Granel is the first customer centered refill store of natural beauty, personal care, and cleaning products in Medellin.
  • RefEd Initiative utilizes a mobile application to bridge gaps in access to education, and has become the first provider of accessible, tailored, and original educational content to refugee students ages 10-14.
  • The Stateless Collective trains students for studying, working, researching, and volunteering abroad through online modules and an ethically oriented community platform.
  • Viinko integrates into a school’s curriculum, making the essential life skills or time management and organization a part of every student’s education.
  • Yogger provides a real-time, web-based platform to help Physical Therapists provide better care for their patients. Leveraging advanced video image analysis, Yogger captures, analyzes, and stores key biomechanical data from both video streams and recordings, giving practitioners the ability to gather the data they need to provide a higher-level of care for both telehealth and in-person clients.

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