Meet the 2023 Summer Accelerator Cohort!

We are delighted to announce the start of this year’s Innovate@BU Summer Accelerator program! We are once again privileged to host an array of exceptional teams, each actively contributing to pioneering advances in their respective industries.

  1. AgriStay: AgriStay, a for-profit organization, is revolutionizing the hospitality and travel industry with its unique focus on agro-tourism and green tourism experiences. This firm is committed to promoting rural tourism and supporting local communities and small businesses, thus providing an authentic and eco-conscious travel experience.
  2. AutoPCB: AutoPCB is redefining circuit design automation by increasing engineer productivity through modularity and parameterization. Their cutting-edge software is a testament to their commitment to advancement in the field of engineering.
  3. Oint: Oint is leveraging Near Field Communication technology to maximize networking at events, providing invaluable insights to event managers regarding interaction and connectivity at their events.
  4. Growth^2: This innovative company is working with churches to develop customized strategies that utilize advanced technology and creative marketing tactics. The goal is to maximize engagement, foster community spirit, and facilitate growth.
  5. joujete: As an ethical clothing company, joujete is dedicated to selling ultra-comfortable loungewear and sleepwear. They believe in a responsible fashion that doesn’t compromise on comfort.
  6. Menasia: Committed to women’s health, Menasia is developing a bio wearable device for menstrual cramp relief. Their mission extends beyond product development to building a community through their website that shares resources and fosters a conversation surrounding menstrual health.
  7. Ndibeks Agripreneur: This for-profit venture aims to transform deposited seaweed on Sierra Leone’s beaches into a soil enhancer. This innovative approach could significantly reduce fertilizer needs and contribute to sustainable farming practices.
  8. Sagely: Sagely is in the process of building the first performance-maximizing platform for small businesses, offering affordable, on-demand access to vetted experts for personalized advice.
  9. Snazz: This creative team is developing a passive screen time application designed to help people manage impulses and limit digital distractions.
  10. StanchionSaver: The innovators at StanchionSaver are poised to significantly impact the mountain biking and cycling product industry with a patented product that protects mountain bike suspension fork stanchions.
  11. SynsoryBio: SynsoryBio is at the forefront of smart therapeutics. Their groundbreaking approach involves sensing for disease and conditionally responding with powerful treatments.
  12. Wicked Smaht Comedy (WSC): WSC, a Boston-based intercollegiate monthly live sketch comedy show, is using humor to make a difference, donating a portion of their profits to local charities.
  13. YIIF DAGGA: Their objective is to unlock access to finance for entrepreneurs in West Africa, using technology as a transparent bridge between investors and entrepreneurs.

About the program

The Summer Accelerator is a 10-week program that guides students and recent graduate entrepreneurs through the process of building an early-stage venture. The program allows students to work on their ventures full-time while accessing mentorship, entrepreneurship education, in-kind startup resources, and a $10,000 stipend.

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