Introducing the 2022 Summer Accelerator!

Congratulations to the 2022 Summer Accelerator cohort!

The Summer Accelerator is a 10-week program that guides students and recent graduate entrepreneurs through the process of building an early-stage venture. The program allows students to work on their ventures full-time while accessing mentorship, entrepreneurship education, in-kind startup resources, and a $10,000 stipend.

Amor Plantae

Amor Plantae is developing the business concept for a wellness & rehabilitation center that utilizes: 1) psilocybin, adaptogenic mushrooms & non-THC cannabinoids 2) group/individual fitness coaching [mental, physical & nutritional] 3) Psychedelic Assisted Therapy [PAT].

The Team

L. George Sulak


Improving access to smart homes and other assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

The Team

Sarah Hillesheim
Nicole Mendez-Villarrubia


A free mobile money application for the unbanked and tech-savvy population in Algeria that will allow them to access financial services (financial inclusion).

The Team

Fatima Zohra Bouladjoul

Dollars & $ense

Edtech platform that teaches financial literacy concepts to elementary school students through their behavior management system.

The Team 

Katie Britton
Molly Inclán


Filia offers single-location restaurants to track their sales & inventory, centralize their orders, decrease costs and optimize time/waste management.

The Team

Berk Ay
Hilal Koseoglu


Idori seeks to provide educational resources to 4-9 year olds that teach them about the environment and building sustainable habits.

The Team

Noah Sorin


Locale is the first dating app to connect singles within the same physical location. We partner with local venues such as bars & nightclubs to provide fun, safe places for hybridized interaction.

The Team

Daniel Starr
Mikael Toikka


Toy company that uses affirmations to build children’s confidence.

The Team

Tiana Catala

Online Secondhand Marketplace & Community

Our company is an innovative online marketplace and interactive cultural community for secondhand clothes shoppers and store owners to engage and share their passion for sustainable fashion.

The Team

Yitao Sun
Qi Xia


PurpleSpace strives to provide a solution to our renewable energy requirements by getting energy from the vehicles passing on the roads

The Team

Sanskriti Agarwal
Jainil Surelia


TokenSpace facilitates corporate gifting where companies gift NFTs (digital artwork) and xNFTs (personalized experiences) to their employees and clients.

The Team

Anaya Barmecha
Aashna Ranka

Upp Bio

Biochemistry Discovery as a service company.

The Team

Ray Hernandez
Steven Irby
Radhakrishna Sanka
Leanne Whitmore


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