PhD Student Self Assessment

PhD students are required to fill out the Annual PhD Student Self-Assessment Form at the end of each academic year. The form is due to the Director of Graduate Studies by May 15th.


All registration questions should first be addressed to a student’s primary advisor.  During orientation, students meet with their advisor, and then with the Department Administrator, who will register them for their courses.  In subsequent semesters, students will meet with their advisor, then email the Department Administrator and copy their advisor on the email.  The Department Administrator will then provide the student their advising code.

Students interested in taking a directed study should inform the Department Administrator well in advance of the registration deadline.  Students should email this information to the Department Administrator, with the directed study faculty member copied on the email.  The student will need to provide the directed study field, as well as the number of credits.

Students who have completed coursework and continuing to make progress towards their degree need to fill out the Continuing Study-Certified Full-Time form.

Students who are approaching their required completion date (years 7 and higher) need to fill out the Petition for Extension of Time to Complete Degree Requirements.  Contact the Department Administrator if you are unsure if you need to fill this out.


Students planning on taking their Oral Exam need to fill out the Qualifying Oral Exam Form at least one month before the prospective exam date.


Students should always consult GRS’s Graduation Information Page, but below are helpful forms.  In preparation for a defense, it is always wise to sit down with the Department Administrator.