Graduate Student Fellows Program

The Hariri Institute for Computing Graduate Student Fellows program recognizes outstanding PhD students who pursue computational and data-driven research at Boston University. As a program at the Institute, a key goal of the Graduate Student Fellows program is to help recruit and reward the best and brightest researchers for Boston University.

Both prospective and continuing PhD students are eligible to receive this honor based on nominations submitted to the Institute.

From social sciences, humanities, business, and health – to engineering, computer science, and statistics, the program strives to foster a vibrant and growing BU-wide research community. By providing resources to Fellows, the program aims to help them flourish in their research careers, engage across disciplinary boundaries, and ultimately become ambassadors for the entire BU research community.

Community Building Aspects and Benefits of the Program

  • Affiliation to the Hariri Institute for Computing
  • Volunteering your time to participate
  • Accompany Hariri Institute for Computing Staff to activities and events
  • Certificate of Participation upon completion

Ways the Student Could Participate

  • Stories for domain areas of science
  • Hariri Institute for Computing Centers and Initiatives involved in projects
  • Reading groups and roundtables
  • Hosting tables during key events (ie. BUDS Day, MOC Workshop etc.)
  • Working with faculty to develop proposals


Fellowships for Continuing PhD Students

The Graduate Fellowships for continuing PhD students are awarded to current PhD students who pursue computational and/or data-driven research at Boston University. The deadline to submit an application is April 11th, 2019.

Fellowships for Prospective PhD Students

The Graduate Fellowships for prospective PhD students are intended to help recruit the best and brightest candidates to Boston University, and are awarded to incoming PhD students to recognize a student’s potential for pursuing exceptional computational and/or data-driven research. The deadline to submit an application is February 7th, 2019.