Family Challenges

Families are both a joy and a challenge at each stage of the life cycle. One- or two-parent families, single-sex and blended families, and families involving stepparents, grandparents, and in-laws are some of today’s contemporary families we live in. Going to work after a baby, juggling the schedules of working parents with children and older family members, and dealing with illness or death are only a few of the many family situations we face.


Some signs that you may need some extra help as a parent:

  • Arguments with your family
  • Feeling at odds with your child most of the time
  • Feeling at odds with your spouse or ex-spouse concerning
    child-rearing issues
  • Irritability, moodiness, or social isolation
  • Neglecting previously enjoyable activities
  • Confusion regarding effective and appropriate discipline


  • Adjusting to a new step-family
  • Adjusting to divorce or remarriage
  • Coping with a family crisis
  • Coping with illness or death
  • Difficult behavior at home
  • Persistent moodiness
  • Poor school performance
  • Substance abuse

If these or any other issues concern to you, please call the FSAO at 617-353-5381 to schedule an appointment. Remember, FSAO is a free, confidential benefit for Boston University employees and their families.