Faculty Consultations

Academic life is known for its great rewards; along with them, however, come substantial challenges and stressors that are unique to the pursuit of an academic career.  From time to time it can be helpful to reflect on those challenges and think through how to tackle them effectively.  A consultation may be in order when a faculty member is having difficulty coping with the multiple obligations of family life, teaching, research, and grants writing.

Common challenges faculty encounter include:

  • Adapting to a new department and city
  • Prioritizing and balancing the competing demands of teaching, research, publishing, grant writing and home life
  • Helping a partner or family transition to a new city
  • Managing relationships with colleagues, students, or administrators
  • Managing administrative tasks and grant writing
  • Pressure for publication and tenure review
  • Planning for retirement

If you would like assistance with these or any other issues, please call the FSAO at 617-353-5381 for a confidential consultation.