Study Abroad and Financial Aid

Boston University students are encouraged to study abroad. BU has over 70 study abroad programs in over 15 countries. Nearly half of our students are studying, researching, and interning on five continents!

Generally, study abroad tuition and housing is comparable to on-campus costs in Boston. If you have financial aid, most of it can be used while you’re studying abroad. There are a few exceptions:

  • Federal Work-Study: if you study abroad for the fall semester, your academic year award will be reduced by 50 percent and be in force for the spring semester only. If you study abroad for the spring semester, your academic year award will be reduced to the amount earned in the fall semester.
  • Loans and need-based scholarships/grants: if your study abroad charges are less than charges for students in Boston, these awards may be reduced.
  • Presidential Scholarships: these awards will be applied to your study abroad semester charges just as they would be if you were on the Charles River Campus.
  • Full-tuition scholarships: (e.g., Menino, Posse, etc.) will be adjusted so that the amount of your scholarship will cover 100 percent of the tuition portion of your program fee. The tuition portion of the program fee varies, depending on the program you attend. It may be equivalent to the Charles River Campus tuition, however in cases where it is less, the scholarship will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Trustee Scholarship: Like other full-tuition scholarships, the Trustee Scholarship will be adjusted, if necessary, to cover 100 percent of the tuition portion of your program fee. However, while the Trustee Scholarship covers mandatory fees while attending on the Charles River Campus, it will not cover non-tuition portions of the study abroad program fee.
  • External (or non-affiliated as is listed on the FAQ document) Study Abroad Programs: if you are attending a non-affiliated or External program you may not receive a BU scholarship or grant for enrollments in that program. You may use credit-based loans and any federal and state financial aid you qualify for provided a Consortium Agreement has been completed and approved.

When planning to study abroad there are other financial considerations you should know about. Once you apply  and are formally admitted to a BU study abroad program the study abroad office will notify BU Financial Assistance.

At that point, your financial aid records will be reviewed and adjustments to your cost of attendance will be made to align with your study abroad costs and any necessary adjustments to your awards will be made. If the cost of attendance for your particular program is less than the costs of studying on the Charles River Campus, your financial aid award may be reduced. If a revision is made to your financial aid, you will receive a revised Financial Aid Award notification.

Connect with Us if you have questions about how studying abroad might impact your financial aid.