BU Biomedical Engineer Ed Damiano Raises $126 Million for Bionic Pancreas

Investors bank on socially minded public benefit corporation and its medical device for people with type 1 diabetes Ed Damiano, a College of Engineering biomedical engineering professor, began his quest to develop a medical device that would help millions of people with type 1 diabetes nearly 20 years ago, after his infant son was diagnosed […]

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How Light Turns Ordinary Hydrogen Peroxide into a MRSA Treatment

BU engineers have invented a new blue light therapy that can kill MRSA without antibiotics Author, Kat J. McAlpine. Photographer, Jackie Ricciardi.   As a kid, I skinned my knees on a range of surfaces, from our asphalt driveway, to wood chips on the playground, to the concrete deck of our town pool. I usually […]

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Bionic Pancreas Passes Critical Science Hurdle

$12M from NIH moves ENG prof’s device forward ENG’s Edward Damiano with the prototype bionic pancreas he’s been working on for almost 17 years. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. On the heels of winning $12 million in supplemental funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct a major, multicenter, national clinical trial of his […]

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New Targets to Treat Type 1 Diabetes

Chemist Arturo Vegas wins $1.4 million NIH grant to develop therapies that intervene at early stage of disease Arturo Vegas wants to create novel therapies that will either suppress rogue immune cells attacking the pancreas of people with type 1 diabetes or strengthen the pancreas’ defenses against the rogue cells. Photo courtesy of Arturo Vegas. […]

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Hope for the Battle against Type 1 Diabetes

Benefit corporation founded by parents of children with the disease Ed Damiano (center) and members of new medical device company Beta Bionics, whose mission is to improve the health of people with type 1 diabetes: (from left) design engineers Raj Setty and Rob LeBourdais; senior engineer Firas El-Khatib; Ed Raskin, VP for public benefit development […]

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