CRC Biological Waste Pick Up Request

Dear CRC Researchers,

Six new waste profile streams have been created in BioRAFT for the various biological waste items and assigned to your laboratory profiles. The table below summarizes what each waste stream profile request is intended for. Please use the corresponding waste stream profile when requesting a biological waste pick up.

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BioRAFT Waste Profile # Description Picture
3032 Benchtop

Extra Small

Sharps Container

(`1 Quart)


3033 Benchtop

Small Sharps


(`1 Gallon)


3034 Benchtop

Medium Sharps Container

(`2 Gallons)


3035 Floor Standing

Large Sharps Container

(`8 Gallons)


3036 Floor Standing

Extra Large Sharps Container

(`17 Gallons)


3037 Biohazardous Box