Research Associate Professor

Dr. Magaly Koch is a geologist specialized in the application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems in the study of groundwater resources and environmental change of arid lands. She has conducted research on the: (i) estimation of the groundwater potential in Egypt, Sudan (Darfur and Red Sea Hills), Oman and United Arab Emirates, (ii) evaluation of the geomorphic effects of the Gulf War in Kuwait using pre- and post-war satellite images, (iii) characterization of wetland degradation processes in Spain, (iv) assessment of flash flood potential of ephemeral rivers (wadis) in Egypt, Oman, and United Arab Emirates, (v) use of remote sensing in archaeological exploration (Maya region in Guatemala and Axumite kingdom in northern Ethiopia), and (vi) relationship between land cover/use changes, hydrology and infectious diseases (malaria) in the Jimma region of southwestern Ethiopia.