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The MA in Earth & Environment is a two-year, research-driven degree, culminating in a thesis that derives from your interests. The degree offers deep knowledge of the Earth’s physical systems, social systems, and the interactions between the two. The MA in Earth & Environment provides students with an interest in geosciences, geography, remote sensing and geospatial science, energy, environmental analysis and policy, and sustainability an opportunity to build their expertise and gain new knowledge through coursework and applied research. The MA in Earth & Environment permits customization of coursework to allow students to obtain depth and breadth of knowledge in Earth and environmental topics.

Applicants to the MA in Earth & Environment will have academic and professional goals related to the broad realms of Earth and environmental science. A typical applicant will be interested in the human dimensions of the environment, the physical systems of the Earth, and/or the intersection of the two.

Prospective applicants to the program should have a target research area that they plan to study and must contact faculty with whom they share research interests. Applicants will need to have a willing faculty advisor before they are admitted to the program. 

Please contact Director of Master’s Programs Dr. James Baldwin or Graduate Program Coordinator Josh Maldonado  for further information.


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