BU D&I Launches Three New Grants

August 23, 2021 — To support ongoing learning, capacity building, and community, Boston University Diversity & Inclusion (BU D&I) has launched three new grants totaling $30,000 in dispersible funds centered around the signature Learn More Series program.

The Learn More Programming Grants provide up to $3,000 to students, staff, and faculty to host programs that dive deeper into the Learn More Series annual topic and educate BU community members about the history and lived experiences of underrepresented groups in our increasingly heterogeneous population of students, staff, and faculty. Examples of appropriate uses of Learn More Programming Grant funds include inviting an author for a discussion open to the BU community or hosting a one-day symposium highlighting recent scholarship related to the annual Learn More Series topic. 

True learning is not in the mere consumption of knowledge but in the digestion of it through discussion and application. Learn More Together Grants encourage BU students, staff and faculty to create Learn More Together Communities (LMTCs), which will foster stronger relationships between staff, faculty, and students and build capacity for skills and action with respect to the annual Learn More Series topic. 

Lastly, the Learn More Research Grants provide BU faculty members with funding to support their high-impact research on social issues related to the annual Learn More Series theme. Through these grants, BU D&I supports the critical work of scholars dedicated to contributing to a more just society through their research. Applicants may request up to $5,000 in funding.

In addition to these three new grants, BU D&I continues to offer Inclusion Catalyst Grants of up to $2,000 to BU individuals or groups to fund any initiative, event, or program that fosters an inclusion and equity at Boston University. 

Read about all four of BU D&I’s Grants here.