Learn More Research Grants

Research Grants provide up to $5,000 in funding to BU faculty members to support high-impact research on social issues related to the year’s theme. 

Research Grants are designed to provide or supplement funding for new or ongoing work that advances our understanding and knowledge through interdisciplinary research teams and creative methodologies, resulting in academic or non-academic publications as well as presentations. Through these grants, BU D&I supports the work of scholars seeking to advance equity and justice in any academic domain. 

Applicants will be required to produce a report at the end of the grant period (including a final expense report). They should also be prepared to engage with the BU Diversity & Inclusion office to publicize their research projects and/or findings during the grant period or after it has concluded. Questions about this grant can be directed to lmgrants@bu.edu.

Who can apply? 

 Applicants must hold a BU faculty appointment, but faculty and staff members from BU and other institutions can participate on research teams. 

 What are the criteria? 

Preference will be given to those proposals that engage students in the research process and/or are interdisciplinary in nature.  

Your application must include:  

  • The names of research team members, including their title and institution.  
  • Two paragraphs or less describing the research project and its goals.  
  • One paragraph or less describing how your research aligns with Boston University’s Diversity Statement 
  • One paragraph or less describing how your research will advance knowledge or understanding of the year’s Learn More Series theme (AY 24-25: Indigenous Identities and Experiences). The Learn More Series specifically seeks to answer the following questions about the annual theme: 
    • What is it? 
    • How does it work? 
    • Where does it manifest? 
    • How do we interrupt it?  
  • One paragraph or less describing how the proposed research project seeks to disrupt or interrupt institutional and/or systemic oppression related to the annual theme and/or spur social change.  
  • A budget proposal that specifies the total amount requested (up to $5,000). Grant funds may not be used to pay or provide stipends to Boston University faculty or staff members. Payment to students (undergraduate or graduate) is permissible. Other funding sources or requested funding sources should be reported. 

      2024-25 Learn More Research Grant application cycle 

      March 4, 2024 Applications open
      April 19, 2024 Applicants close
      May 15, 2024 Award letters sent
      July 1, 2024 Grant cycle begins
      June 30, 2025 Grant cycle closes
      July 12, 2025 Final budget and report due

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