Ryan White Treatment Fund

What is the Ryan White Treatment Fund?

The Ryan White CARE Act was established in 1990 to make health care more accessible to HIV+ populations and to improve their quality of life. Over time, this federally funded program grew to include a wide range of services, including dental care. More information about the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

Dental care is covered by grants to dental schools and institutions in Boston or to the Boston Public Health Commission.

Who can use the Ryan White Treatment Fund?

The treatment fund is offered to persons with HIV who meet the eligibility requirements of each individual program.

Why should I maintain my dental health through the Ryan White Treatment Fund?

  • Teeth play an important role in chewing and personal appearance. The mouth and gums are often affected by HIV infection.
  • Routine dental checkups are the best way to prevent getting cavities and gum inflammation, both of which may lead to complicated dental procedures and/or tooth loss.
  • The Ryan White Treatment Fund removes much of the financial burden of dental health care from the HIV+ patient.

What services does the Ryan White Treatment Fund cover?

  • Variations in covered services exist depending upon where a patient chooses to receive his/her dental treatment.
  • Dental procedures such as routine dental exams, radiographs, cleanings, fillings, complete and partial dentures, root canals, gum treatments, crowns, bridges, and oral surgeries may be covered under the treatment fund. Please inquire about specific services with each program.

Do any restrictions apply to the Ryan White Treatment Fund?

Some restrictions may apply:

  • The location where a patient receives his/her dental service may be determined by his/her dental needs.
  • A patient may have to show that he/she does not qualify for dental care under MassHealth or a private insurance program. However, staff will work with you regarding insurance.
  • Geographic restrictions may exist; contact the program coordinators for additional information.

Please contact the participating institutions and ask for details:

  • HIV Dental Ombudsperson Program. For a referral to a dentist in private or public practice, call 617-534-2344.
  • Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. To sign up for the school dental program, call the Clinical Finance office at 617-358-3900 or email dentalfi@bu.edu.
  • Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. To sign up for the school dental program, call Patricia DiAngelis at 617-636-6814.
  • Boston Medical Center HIV Dental Clinic. For more information, contact Bill Karol at 617-414-4046.
  • Children’s Hospital, Boston, Department of Dentistry. To sign up for this pediatric-based, multispecialty dental program, call Aujah Fairbain at 617-355-4816.