The department of Periodontology provides research opportunities to students who are enrolled in the Periodontology Certificate Program interfaced with either the Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) and/or the Doctor of Science in Dentistry (DScD) in periodontology degrees. The MSD and DScD research endeavors involve patient based as well as clinically related basic science investigations. The research laboratory utilizes multidisciplinary approaches and state-of-the-art technologies combined with 2D and 3D cell, tissue and organ culture models including in vivo animal models to develop fundamental understanding of the principles of biological transformation in human health to disease state(s). Currently, the laboratory has several ongoing projects related to periodontology and craniofacial bone deficiencies. Studies are also pursued in the areas of periodontal/implant surgeries, bone augmentation/regeneration by tissue/biomaterial engineering, and orthodontic tooth movement using 2D cell cultures, live ex-vivo bone organ culture model systems and in vivo animal studies, in conjunction with the use of the piezoelectric knife.

2013-2018 Student Publications (MSc.D & DSc.D)

The involvement of Kav001 in inhibition of LPS/P. gingivalis-induced.
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A method for high transfection efficiency in THP-1 suspension cells without PMA treatment.
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Bone microenvironment-mediated resistance of cancer cells to bisphosphonates and impact on bone osteocytes/stem cells.
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Effect of Corticotomies with Different Instruments on Cranial Bone Biology Using an Ex Vivo Calvarial Bone Organ Culture Model System.
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Quantitative gingival crevicular fluid proteome in health and periodontal disease using stable isotope chemistries and mass spectrometry.
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Novel bioactivity of phosvitin in connective tissue and bone organogenesis revealed by live calvarial bone organ culture models.
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