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At Questrom, we’re committed to research that matters. That’s why the research conducted by the Digital Business Institute is focused on the real-world challenges of leveraging digital technology—to accelerate business growth and enhance the experiences of consumers, patients, and citizens alike. We know that real digital transformation is so much more than just keeping up with the latest technological developments—it’s leveraging that tech to help people. Areas of research interest include, but are not limited to: Platform Economy, Digital Health, Financial Technology and Digital Customer Engagement.

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The DBI is a hub for researchers, execs, and members of the Boston community to come together and share knowledge that pertains to the dynamic digital business sphere.

For researchers eager to make waves by impacting contemporary issues in digital business, or for those seeking the latest digital business research, email the Digital Business Institute at to learn more.

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The DBI is committed to finding, funding, and delivering the best research in digital business. Help us redefine research by sponsoring a research project. Email the Digital Business Institute at for more information.

News from Generative Artificial Intelligence is Believed Less

Professor Chiara Longoni discusses her latest collaboration on Generative AI in this fascinating video.