Digital Health

The Digital Business Institute focuses on cutting-edge trends in Digital Health, a multi-disciplinary field that brings together experts in medicine, science, engineering, public health, health economics, and data management. Through rigorous research, corporate partnerships, conferences, and executive education, we seek to be a hub of information for this ever-evolving field.

Current topics of interest include:
• Digital transformation and innovation in the healthcare industry
• Emerging and leading frontiers in digital health
• The efficacy of tools such as telemedicine, clinical operations automation, and more
• Digital technologies that deliver better care for different populations, such as chronically ill and elderly patients
• Healthcare analytics
• Privacy, security, and regulation concerns in digital health

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Digital Health Faculty Fellows

Sponsored Research – Digital Health

Thanks to alums Andy and Lisa Sussman for supporting two student research projects, led by Professor Avi Seidmann.
Digital Health rehabilitation methods for Cancer Patients. This project sought to develop novel methodologies to help with the effective delivery of physical and mental rehabilitation of cancer patients.  The research was based on an extensive retrospective analysis of available research data, our advanced machine learning methodologies and on a systematic analysis of the Electronic Medical Records of the relevant parents.  The result may be the development of a unique mobile application designed to overcome many of the current limitations of the existing approaches to cancer patients’ rehabilitation. Specifically, it aims to support patients in rural areas where they have limited access to peers and to personal guidance for help and social interaction.

Digital Health for accurate fetal weight, and potential delivery risks prediction.   The team would develop advanced Digital Health methods, hopefully together with the OBGYN team of BMC, and other medical research teams.   Specifically, the goal would be to develop novel algorithms to predict more accurately neonatal birthweight and potential delivery risks prediction. This is an open clinical issue, that becomes even more important with the rapidly increasing of our demographic diversity.    The proposed research will be based on an extensive retrospective big medical and ObGyn data mining, our advanced machine learning methodologies and on a systematic analysis of the Electronic Medical Records of the expecting parents. If successful, this initial research will likely lead to larger scale funded studies by the NIH, as well as by potential Digital Health vendors in the FemHealth space.

“Every new technology that comes around opens new opportunities for the delivery of care, for the way we deliver care, as well as the way we pay for it” – Professor Avi Seidmann

Research and Related Articles

Improving the health of young African American women in the preconception period using health information technology: a randomised controlled trial

Brian Jack, MD, Director of the Boston University Center for Health System Design & Implementation, Boston Medical Center
The Lancet, Digital Health, September 2020

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The Community Well-Being Index (CWBI) is a collaboration between Sharecare and the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) to inform, empower, and unite stakeholders across the healthcare continuum in a collective movement to improve our nation’s well-being.

Dr. Sandro Galea, Dean of the Boston University School of Public Health
PR Newswire, August 2020

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Digital Business Institute, June 2020

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Professor Abraham (Avi) Seidmann,
NY1 Channel Interview, April 2020

Covid-19 Tracing apps by Apple & Google.

Professor Abraham (Avi) Seidmann
CBS News, April 2020

Digital Health Blog

Institute for Health Systems Innovation & Policy, Boston University

A Randomized Trial of Telemedicine for Migraine Management

Deborah Friedman, Balaraman Rajan, Abraham Seidmann,
National Library of Medicine, October 2019

Automated Text Messaging With Patients in Department of Veterans Affairs Specialty Clinics: Cluster Randomized Trial

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National Library of Medicine, August 2019

Mobile App Use for Insomnia Self-Management: Pilot Findings on Sleep Outcomes in Veterans

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