Platform Strategy Research Symposium 2023

The Digital Business Institute was proud to be a sponsor of the 10th Annual Platform Strategy Research Symposium along with co- sponsors Human Resources Policy Institute and Capgemini Invent.

This year, for the first time, the event included an innovative matching market between firms and leading academics. Firms presented real-world platform challenges, and academics shared their latest original research to tackle these problems.

The Symposium was attended by over 80 top academics in platform strategy research. Visit the conference website to learn more.

This year’s Alessandro di Fioré Best Paper Award was given to Tesary Lin, Isabel Anderson Career Development Professor, Assistant Professor Marketing, Boston University Questrom School of Business, and Avner Strulov-Shlain, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, for their paper, “Choice Architecture, Privacy Valuations, and Selection Bias in Consumer Data”. The award is sponsored by Capgemini Invent.

Pictured above are award winner Tesary Lin and conference co-chair Marshall Van Alstyne

Runner up for best paper was awarded to: Hong Zhang, Hongchang Wang, Amit Mehra, and Zhiqiang Zheng for their paper, “Chasing Market Growth and Matching Efficiency in Two-Sided Platforms: Evidence from the Lazy-Minting Policy in an NFT Marketplace”.

Pictured above are award winner Hong Zhang and conference co-chair Marshall Van Alstyne

A special thank you to conference co-chairs, Andrei Hagiu, Boston University, Geoffrey Parker, Dartmouth College, Marshall Van Alstyne, Boston University, and Feng Zhu, Harvard University.

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