Summer 2009 Program

Religion and US Foreign Policy
June 14 – 26, 2009

All sessions will take place at the Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs, Boston University, 10 Lenox Street, Brookline, MA (617-353-9050). In the morning there will be a lecture, followed by discussion. Afternoon programs will be decided each day by the lecturer and the participants – another plenary meeting, smaller groups, individual consultations with the lecturer.

Sunday, June 14

5-7 P.M. – Opening reception

Monday, June 15

Peter Berger – Boston University
“Overview: Religion in a Desecularized World”

Tuesday, June 16

Walter Russell Mead – Council on Foreign Relations
“Overview: Religion and US Foreign Policy”

Wednesday, June 17

Paul Marshall – Hudson Institute
“Issue: US Foreign Policy and the Promotion of Religious Freedom”

Thursday, June 18

Charles Dunbar – Boston University
“Issue: US Relations with Religiously Defined States”

Friday, June 19

Lawrence Harrison – Tufts University
“Issue: Religion and US Development Policy”

Free Weekend

Monday, June 22

Richard Land – Southern Baptist Convention
“Evangelical Influences on US Foreign Policy”

Tuesday, June 23

George Weigel – Ethics and Public Policy Center
“Catholic Influences on US Foreign Policy”

Wednesday, June 24

Ilan Troen – Brandeis University
“Jewish Influences on US Foreign Policy”

Thursday, June 25

Monica Toft – Kennedy School of Government
“Strategic Issue: Confronting Religiously Inspired Terrorism”

Friday, June 26

Final Discussion, led by Peter Berger
with lunch to follow