2021–2022 Lecture Series: Buddhism as Philosophy













In recent years the study of Buddhist philosophy has moved out of its traditional homes in Religious and Area Studies into departments of Philosophy. This lecture series will explore the “philosophical turn” in the field through the works of some its most influential practitioners, as well as an exciting group of young scholars who are just entering the field. Topics will include Buddhist epistemology and the philosophy of mind, controversies with rival philosophers, and the relationship between philosophy and the path to nirvana.

Located at 745 Commonwealth Ave. Room 325
Wednesday, September 29, 5pm
“The Golden Age of Philosophy in the Monastery of Vikramaśīla c. 1000 C.E.”
Lecturer: Parimal Patil, Professor of Religion and Indian Philosophy, Department of South Asian Studies, Harvard University

Wednesday, October 20, 5pm
“Parts and Wholes: Madhyamaka Mereology and the Argument for Emptiness”
Lecturer: Jan Westerhoff, Professor of Buddhist Philosophy at the University of Oxford

Wednesday, November 10, 5pm
“Candrakīrti’s Insight, Śāntideva’s Practical Wisdom: Two Mahāyāna Approaches to Awakening”
Lecturer: Amber Carpenter, Associate Professor in Humanities (Philosophy), Yale-NUS College, Singapore

The following lectures will be held via Zoom. Link forthcoming.
Wednesday, November 17, 5pm
“Madhyamaka Metaphysical Indefinitism”
Lecturer: Allison Aitken, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University

Wednesday, December 1, 5pm
“Is the Buddha’s Teaching Authoritative?”
Lecturer: Rosanna Picascia,Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Swarthmore College

Wednesday, December 8, 5pm
“Can a Tantric Initiation Convey Knowledge?”
Lecturer, Davey Tomlinson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Villanova University