Summer 2008 Program

Religion and Democracy
June 15 – 27, 2008

(All sessions will be at the Institute, 10 Lenox Street, Brookline, MA. Sessions will be from 9AM to 4PM, with a lunch break at noon)

Sunday, June 15

5-7 P.M. – Opening reception

Monday, June 16

Peter Berger (Boston University): “Overview: The Global Religious Situation”

Tuesday, June 17 – Wednesday, June 18

Marc Plattner (National Endowment for Democracy): “Overview: Religion and Democracy”

Thursday, June 19 – Friday, June 20

Ali Banuazizi (Boston College): “Islam and Democracy”

Weekend free

Monday, June 23 – Tuesday, June 24

Timothy Shah (Council on Foreign Relations): “Evangelical Protestantism and Democracy”

Wednesday, June 25

Christopher Marsh (Baylor University): “Religion and Democracy in Russia”

Thursday, June 26

Robert Weller (Boston University): “Religion and Democracy in China”

Friday, June 27

General discussion, led by

Berger, Marsh and Weller, ending with lunch