First week of class: Welcoming the Community!

Contributed by CTL staff (2 minute read) As you meet your students online or in person this week, we recommend you have an intentional and purposeful approach for welcoming your students to the learning environment and building community in your classroom. When students feel that they are welcomed members of a group and part of […]

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Student Engagement Part 1: Focusing on the emotional aspects of learning

Contributed by CTL staff (3 minute read) Are your students engaged, actively present and effortful at their learning? Are your students ‘there,’ with you, in class? Are your students still emotionally invested in our course now that you are half-way through the semester? The middle of the semester always presents its own challenges for keeping […]


Keeping Breakout Rooms On Task

Graduate Teaching Blog Post Contributed by Phillippa Pitts (4 minute read) Q: I hear students benefit from small group work and appreciate using Zoom breakout rooms. But how will I know that they’re staying on task if I’m not there? A: This is a question that came up frequently in the physical classroom. Now, in […]

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InClassLfA Student App

With thanks to Christine Paal, University Registrar, for this information. InClassLfA, an app that students can use to reserve seats in classes they wish to attend in person, will be available for faculty on the Charles River Campus this week (BUMC has been using its own version of the app since Summer 2020). It will […]

The Power of the Special Guest on Zoom

Film Director Isaac Cherem visits Prof. Amina Shabani’s Spanish class as guest via Zoom (Image courtesy of Amina Shabani) Faculty Contributor: Amina Shabani (Lecturer in Spanish, Romance Studies) (2 minute read) Thanks to the generous support of the CTL and the Hub Office, we were able to host last month the Mexican filmmaker Isaac Cherem […]