Summer Workshop Announcement: Gateways to Student Learning: Engaging students through the Flipped Classroom Approach

Workshop title with black male student working on laptop

What have been the lessons of teaching in the LfA modality? How will you be transferring some of the successful strategies you implemented to increase student engagement remotely into the classroom? After a year of teaching in the LfA modality, you may be thinking about adapting many of the hybrid and remote content you have created this past year to your face-to-face classes. You may have recorded video lectures for your students, and now wondering how you can continue using them for your face-to-face classes. 

The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) with support from Digital Learning & Innovation (DL&I) is proud to announce our Gateway to Student Learning Summer Workshop. Join us as we explore ways to continue implementing strategies that increase student engagement and learning. Read more about the program and application process here.