“Just-in-time” Resources to Prep for Fall 2021: Part 3—First Days of Class, Trauma-informed Teaching

In this final pre-semester post, we turn to the nitty-gritty, rubber-meets-road tasks to be done before classes begin. What exactly will you do in class on the first day, the second day, and the third? How can those activities set you up for a productive and enjoyable semester? To help think through these questions, we […]

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“Just-in-time” Resources to Prep for Fall 2021: Part 2—Blackboard

Blackboard—now part of the pedagogical landscape at BU—can help organize course content, communicate with students, and act as an assignment portal (see its key features here). It can also act as a centralized location for students to find the most up-to-date information about their course.  In the second part of this series, we present two […]

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“Just-in-time” Resources to Prep for Fall 2021: Part 1

Ready to welcome students to your classroom(s)? Fall 2021 will present its own unique challenges, so we have pulled together a series of quick resources to support faculty as they make their last preparations for teaching. In this first post, we are pleased to offer the following: (1) final checklists for in-person teaching and syllabi; […]

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Supporting students and faculty in the classroom

Contributed by Jean Otsuki and Deb Breen, CTL (3 minute read) After more than a year and a half of pandemic pedagogy (masks, social distancing, remote and hybrid teaching), many students and faculty have been looking forward to the prospect of a return to face-to-face classes. Yet the spread of the Delta variant has subdued […]

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First week of class: Welcoming the Community!

Contributed by CTL staff (2 minute read) As you meet your students online or in person this week, we recommend you have an intentional and purposeful approach for welcoming your students to the learning environment and building community in your classroom. When students feel that they are welcomed members of a group and part of […]

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