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  • BU Inclusive Pedagogy Institute with a blue block above it, and green and purple blocks to the side. On top of the green block there is a picture a brownstone building with trees in front of it. All the way to the right there is a red block with key words of the institute.

CTL welcomes instructors to explore resources and workshops to help integrate different pedagogical practices into their teaching. For more information about programs, please refer to our Programs page.

We look forward to working with you in our Inclusive Pedagogy Initiative, One-On-One Consultations, graduate student learning communities and more!


Guides and Resources

As you think about your courses and plan for your semester, check out our guides and resources on teaching in a variety of modalities. Make sure to check back for updates on additional resources. Don’t hesitate to reach out to CTL for to discuss any of these teaching practices.


Graduate Student Teaching Support

Photo by Jackie Ricciardi for Boston University Photography

The CTL provides ongoing support and professional development opportunities to graduate student instructors through workshops, coffee hours, and the Graduate Assistant program

Inclusive Pedagogy Initiative

A white tree with different colored square leaves falling from it with the text "Boston University Inclusive Pedagogy Initiative written in the bottom left.

Boston University’s Inclusive Pedagogy Initiative, launched by Provost Jean Morrison on February 3, 2022, has the goal of “improving learning and educational outcomes for all of our students.” Partnering with Megan Sullivan, ad interim Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment and Faculty Director of the Inclusive Pedagogy Initiative, CTL will work with faculty and staff to support and strengthen inclusive teaching at Boston University.