Setting Up Students to Succeed on Final Assessments

Contributed by CTL staff (2 minute read) As we near the end of the term, it’s critical to prepare students to succeed on their final assessments by building in low-stakes opportunities for them to practice and receive feedback on the skills they will be asked to demonstrate. Too often, there is a disconnect between how […]

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Student Engagement Part 2: Ensuring deep learning

Contributed by CTL staff (3 minute read) In our Student Engagement Part 1 News & Announcement post, we focused on the emotional aspects of learning, and offered strategies to keep students invested and motivated in your courses. It is equally important to have techniques during class to ensure that students are engaging in learning activities […]

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Keeping Breakout Rooms On Task

Graduate Teaching Blog Post Contributed by Phillippa Pitts (4 minute read) Q: I hear students benefit from small group work and appreciate using Zoom breakout rooms. But how will I know that they’re staying on task if I’m not there? A: This is a question that came up frequently in the physical classroom. Now, in […]

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Graduate Teaching Blog Post Contributed by Ben Suitt (2 minute read) Q: My students did poorly on the essay questions of the midterm despite acing my multiple choice quizzes. How do I help them do as well on the final essay exam as they did on my quizzes? A: Seeing a disconnect between class performance […]

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Game-based Learning & Gamification

  Faculty Contributor: Amber Navarre (Senior Lecturer in Chinese, World Languages & Literatures) (2 minute read) Between playing a game with friends and attending a lecture in Zoom, what would your student choose? What if the lecture itself is a game they can play with friends? Researchers have found that playing games and creating a game-like environment […]