Stephen Grossberg

Ph.D., Rockefeller University
677 Beacon St.

Wang Professor of Cognitive & Neural Systems, BU College of Arts & Sciences

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Psychology

Director, Center for Adaptive Systems

Director, Center for Excellence for Learning in Education, Science & Technology

Research Interests

Professor Grossberg develops brain models of vision and visual object recognition; audition, speech, and language; development; attentive learning and memory; cognitive information processing and social cognition; reinforcement learning and motivation; cognitive-emotional interactions; navigation; sensory-motor control and robotics; and mental disorders. These models involve many parts of the brain, ranging from perception to action, and multiple levels of brain organization, ranging from individual spikes and their synchronization to cognition. Many of these projects are done in collaborations with PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty. Prof. Grossberg also collaborates with experimentalist colleagues to design experiments to test theoretical predictions and fill conceptually important gaps in the experimental literature, carry out analyses of the mathematical dynamics of neural systems, and transfer biological neural models to applications in neuromorphic engineering and technology.

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