Seminar Schedule – Fall 2014

All researchers are invited to attend a new series of lunchtime talks at Boston University on Wednesdays at noon to facilitate discussion and collaborations associated with the Center for Systems Neuroscience. Seminars will include internal BU speakers and external speakers associated with the NSF EAGER grant that funds a new Initiative for Physics and Mathematics of Neural Systems (IPMNS) at Boston University, facilitating collaborations between physicists, mathematicians, engineers, and neuroscientists.

We anticipate a broad audience. Speakers will start with an introduction to their research area and conclude by discussing important current questions for future work. Talks will be 45 minutes, allowing time so the community can broadly discuss not only what has been done, but also what innovations are needed for future advances. Please send an email to if you want to be added to the email list for notices about these talks.

Talks will be at one of two locations on the Charles River Campus at Boston University (in adjacent buildings):

  • Room B01 at 24 Cummington Street, with lunch afterward in Room 103, just upstairs
  • or Room 109 at 2 Cummington Street, with lunch served in the same room at start of talk.

All talks are on Wednesday at 12 noon. Speakers from Boston University are listed by their departmental affiliation.

September 2014

Sept. 3 – Xue Han, BU Biomedical Engineering – Room B01
“Technologies for analyzing neural circuit dynamics”

Sept. 10 – Howard Eichenbaum, BU Psychological and Brain Sciences – Room B01
“A systems analysis of declarative memory”

Sept. 17 – Narayanan “Bobby” Kasthuri, BU Anatomy and Neurobiology – Room 109
“Tales from the Trenches of Connectomics”

Sept. 24 – Tim Gardner, BU Biology – Room 109.
“High density recording from brain and nerves: challenges and applications of stable interfaces.”

October 2014

Oct. 1 – Douglas Rosene, BU Anatomy and Neurobiology – Room B01
“Light Microscopic Exploration of Fiber Pathways in the Monkey Connectome: Tract Tracer and Immunohistochemistry of Axon Trajectories”

Oct. 8 – Van Wedeen (Harvard Medical School) – Room B01
“Diffusion MRI Tractography of the Connectome: What are the implications of the geometric grid organization of cerebral fiber pathways?”

Oct. 15 – Tarik Haydar, BU Anatomy and Neurobiology – Room B01
“The effects of lineage and gene expression on neural stem cell development in the cerebral cortex.”

Oct. 22 – Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, BU Biomedical Engineering – Room B01
“From hidden hearing loss to cognitive control: Understanding individual differences affecting everyday communication”

Oct. 29 – Richard H. Myers, BU Neurology – Room B01
“Contrasting Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease: Studies of the Transcriptome, Regulome and Proteome”

November 2014

Nov. 5 – Eric Kolaczyk, BU Mathematics and Statistics – Room B01
“Networks in Neuroscience: A Statistical Perspective”

Nov. 12 – Vijay Balasubramanian (University of Pennsylvania) – Room 109
“The maps inside your head”

Nov. 19 – Society for Neuroscience meeting – no seminar

Nov. 26 – Thanksgiving break – no seminar

December 2014

Dec. 3 – Marc Howard, BU Psychological and Brain Sciences – Room 109
“Time across scales in memory and cognition”

Dec. 10 – Nancy Kopell, BU Mathematics and Statistics – Room B01

Dec. 17 – Ian Davison, BU Biology – Room B01
“Mating drives plasticity in pheromone-processing circuits in the mouse”