Fall 2022 Symposium

Engineering the Brain for Discovery and Clinical Applications

Organizers: Mo Khalil, Steve Ramirez, and Ben Wolozin

Genetic, optical, and engineering technologies increasingly allow us to observe and control the function of nerve cells. These approaches are being used to explore the brain mechanisms underlying behavior, neuroglial function, and disease. Optogenetics, synthetic biology, stem cell technology, and antisense nucleotides have enabled the creation of new bio-engineered tools to explore brain function and treat neurologic disease, while engineered systems–such as transcranial current stimulation, high speed MRI, and neural machine interfaces–provide increasingly powerful scientific tools. These approaches are being used to regulate behavior, test for and treat psychiatric and neurological disorders, and overcome nerve injury.  Join us for a symposium in which we showcase the state-of-the-art research being conducted at BU and around the world. Join your colleagues in brainstorming for the next 10 years of brain engineering research.

Engineering the Brain for Discovery and Clinical Applications will be held in the Eichenbaum Colloquium Room at the Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering, located at 610 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. Talks will be broadcast online; a link will be made available closer to the event.

Join us in-person or online! 

Registered for in-person attendance but can’t make it? Join us online: http://bu.edu/csn/symposium_live