Master of Science in Software Development


The Master of Science (MS) in Software Development constitutes preparation for one of the largest and fastest-growing professions: software developer. It recognizes the ubiquitous and growing need for new and evolving software. The degree program is founded on the principle that developers must be thoroughly practiced in understanding new requirements in diverse fields and, acting as team members or leaders, fully competent to deliver secure, reliable software. This program can be completed fully on campus in Boston or online. Classes are available in both formats, unless otherwise noted.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Software Development will be able to demonstrate:

  • Advanced knowledge of computer language theory, software design, as well as databases, networks, or security
  • Proficiency in algorithms, operating systems, computer language usage, software development, and the management of data, networks, or security
  • Competence sufficient to investigate continually emerging new software technologies, applications, and approaches


Masters in Software Development Degree Summary

  • Eight courses/32 credits
  • Students are required to complete the core curriculum courses and three electives.
  • Requirements can be completed full time on campus. Or, part time on campus or online.
  • Applications are accepted throughout the year. The online program has six start dates a year and the on campus program has three.
  • A minimum passing grade for a course in the graduate program is a C (2.0) but an average grade of B (3.0) must be maintained to be in good academic standing and satisfy the degree requirements.

The main reason I selected MET was that it offered an online program that could be completed from anywhere in the world. As I live in Taiwan, this flexibility was of paramount importance when selecting a master’s program. I also really enjoyed the seven-week class format, which allowed me to complete the entire degree program in 15 months…The Master of Science in Software Development is certainly a challenging program, but take it one step at a time and you will be successful. Enjoy what you are learning and find ways to apply the concepts outside of the classroom. – Jason Van Schooneveld, MSSD Alum

MSSD Core Curriculum

(five required courses/20 credits)

    *Students without experience programming with java are recommended to take the course MET CS 520 Information Structures with Java instead of MET CS 521 Information Structures with Python.

    Students who have completed courses on core curriculum subjects as part of their undergraduate degree program may request permission from the Department of Computer Science to replace the corresponding core courses with graduate-level M.S. in Software Development electives.

    MSSD Electives

    (three courses/12 credits)

    When choosing electives, students should make sure that they have all prerequisites required by the selected course or, instructor’s consent. Students interested in taking electives outside of the stated requirements should contact the Department of Computer Science for approval. Choose three from the following courses:

    600 Level Courses  700 Level Courses


    Related Graduate Certificates

    Students who are currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Software Development have the option to complete a certificate program without reapplication. Classes may count towards both a certificate and degree program (if requirements indicate the same course). However, please refer to the Academic Policies Manual regarding classes overlapping between two certificate programs. To add a certificate to your academic profile, email your designated program administrator at (on campus/blended) students) or (online students).

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