Petition for Approval of Credits for Transfer

Matriculated graduate students who, within the previous four years, have completed graduate level courses at other accredited institutions may petition for transfer of credit. These courses must have been completed with a grade of “B” or better. Only graduate level courses are appropriate for transfer and only if they were not used to fulfill the requirements of a previously awarded degree. Graduate courses taken at Metropolitan College before acceptance into the degree program are not considered to be transfer courses.

A petition for approval of credits for transfer form must be submitted to the Department within the first six months after acceptance to the degree or certificate program. Petitions must be accompanied by an official transcript, a syllabus, and a course description from the catalog proving the course is a graduate level course. In special cases, MS degree candidates may be allowed to take a graduate course outside Metropolitan College. In such cases, approval must be obtained before registering for the course.

A candidate for the MS in Computer Science or MS in Computer Information Systems may transfer a maximum of eight credit hours of advanced standing into the program. This is equivalent to two courses taken at Metropolitan College. Courses may not be transferred into the eight course MS in Software Development, MS in Applied Data Analytics or MS in Health Informatics Degree. A candidate for the Graduate Certificate may transfer a maximum of 4 credits hours. This is equivalent to one course taken at Metropolitan College.