Certificate in Computer Science

There is a significant and growing demand for C++ and Java software development specialists. This certificate provides students with the skills necessary to become part of a C++ or Java development team. Students who complete this program also acquire the background required to enter the software engineering certificate program and the Master of Science Degree program in Computer Science.

Program Prerequisite

Certificate Requirements

(four required courses/16 credits)

Choose one programming track:

Java Programming Track C++ Programming Track
MET CS 232 Programming with Java
MET CS 248 Discrete Mathematics
MET CS 342 Data Structures with Java
MET CS 472 Computer Architecture
MET CS 231 Programming with C++
MET CS 248 Discrete Mathematics
MET CS 341 Data Structures with C++
MET CS 472 Computer Architecture

Application Process:
Students who have already submitted an application for a Master’s degree or graduate certificate program and would like to add on the undergraduate Certificate in Computer Science may apply by completing this shortened application form. For students who are not enrolled in another program at MET, please submit the full application form.

For further information, contact:
Boston University’s Metropolitan College
Enrollment and Student Success
1010 Commonwealth Avenue, 1st Floor
Boston, MA 02215
Email: metess@bu.edu
Office: 617-353-2980