2012 CS Distinguished Alumna:   Melissa Leffler (CAS’86)

MelissaMelissa Leffler is Vice President of Engineering at Awareness Networks, a company that builds online communities for businesses who want to leverage social media marketing to engage with their customers, build their brand, and increase revenues.

Prior to joining Awareness, Melissa Leffler was Chief of Operations and Engineering for Global Health Delivery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, where she led the creation of a collaborative community website that allows global health care implementers from multiple organizations to connect and share practices, resources and tools.

Before that, Melissa helped start Liquid Machines, a company that provided document and email security for enterprises, and also eRoom Technologies, which showcased a product that enables distributed teams to work together more efficiently to optimize business processes and streamline decision-making. eRoom was later bought by Documentum and then EMC, and whose product is still used widely by customers today. Melissa fostered her entrepreneurial spirit by working at Lotus Development Corporation.

Melissa Leffler obtained her Bachelors in Computer Science and English from Boston University in 1986.