To take your place at the forefront of computing research, education, or industry, you’ll need the advanced preparation of an MS or PhD degree. Boston University’s graduate programs provide rigorous training in the core areas of Computer Science. On this foundation, you’ll build expertise in your chosen practical or theoretical area, acquiring deeper understanding under the guidance of faculty members of international standing.

BU CS graduate programs

With a CS master’s degree, you’ll be a professional with knowledge of the underlying principles of information processing and enough hands-on experience to help design and implement new systems. When confronted with a new problem, you’ll be able to read and analyze technical literature, and formulate and propose innovative solutions.

As you work toward a PhD degree, you’ll embark on an independent research project, contributing to the state of the art in one of our many research areas. You’ll learn how to identify problems and solve them creatively. By the time you receive your doctorate, you’ll have the expertise to teach, set your own research agenda, mentor others, and take an active lead at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development.

Ideal location & community

During your years of apprenticeship at BU, you’ll reap the benefits of studying in a major world center of computer research. The University’s contacts with computer companies and other schools in the Boston metropolitan area will give you broader exposure to the latest developments and practices. At the same time, you’ll get support and stimulation from BU’s graduate student community and research groups, enhancing your learning and your entire BU experience.

range of career options

Where will you go from here? Our graduate students are recruited by leading research laboratories, securing positions in industrial research labs such as Google, Akamai, Intel, Mitsubishi, VmWare, and Microsoft. Many of our PhD alumni are now tenure-track professors and post-doctoral researchers at top universities, including UCLA, the University of Wisconsin, and Yale, as well as premier institutions around the globe, including the University of Bonn and EPFL in Switzerland.

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