BU Receives Green Seal Certification

Boston University proudly announces its attainment of the prestigious GreenSeal GS42 Certification, a testament to its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. This milestone positions Boston University as a leader in sustainable practices within the higher education sector.

GreenSeal GS42 Certification is a rigorous validation of a facility’s dedication to sustainable cleaning operations and practices. By achieving this certification, Boston University has demonstrated its adherence to the highest standards of environmental responsibility, ensuring the health and well-being of its campus community while minimizing its ecological footprint.

“We are thrilled to receive the GreenSeal GS42 Certification, as it underscores our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship,” said Bill Walter, Associate Vice President of Facilities Management & Operations. “This achievement is a reflection of the collaborative efforts of our entire university community, from our facilities management team to our students, faculty, and staff, who are dedicated to creating a greener and healthier campus environment.”

To obtain the GreenSeal GS42 Certification, Boston University underwent a comprehensive evaluation of its cleaning products, equipment, processes, and procedures. This included an assessment of cleaning efficacy, environmental impact, and adherence to stringent sustainability criteria. Through innovative solutions and best practices, Boston University has implemented environmentally friendly cleaning protocols that align with Green Seal’s stringent standards.

The GreenSeal GS42 Certification is a testament to Boston University’s holistic approach to sustainability, which encompasses not only facility operations but also education, research, and community engagement initiatives. By integrating sustainability into its core values and practices, Boston University is empowering future generations of leaders to champion environmental stewardship and drive positive change.

“We view sustainability as integral to our mission as an institution of higher learning,” added Walter. “Through initiatives like the GreenSeal GS42 Certification, we are not only reducing our environmental impact but also instilling a culture of sustainability that will endure for years to come.”

As Boston University continues its journey towards greater sustainability, the achievement of GreenSeal GS42 Certification serves as a milestone and a testament to its ongoing dedication to environmental excellence. By setting new standards in sustainability, Boston University is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


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