West Campus Dining Expansion – Construction Update – 03/17/23

General Project Updates

  • The past week consisted of metal stud framing, rough electrical and ductwork, and piping for HVAC in the Residence Life offices.
  • The electrical and building inspectors are scheduled to inspect the rough-in work on Friday, March 17, and Monday, March 20. Once the inspectors sign off, installation of sheetrock will begin and continue through the next few weeks.

During the week of March 20th

  • Sheetrock and HVAC installation continue.
  • On Thursday, March 23 the hot water supply and return will be shut down. This could impact the heating in the building. Residents will be notified when details and timing are finalized.
  • The team will begin exterior work, including the demolition of the curved brick wall on the east end of the building and excavation work to prepare for the new canopy footings.
  • Sheetrock delivery is scheduled for the morning of Monday, March 20.
  • Dumpster exchange is scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, March 21.

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