Center for Computing & Data Sciences – Construction Update – 12/9/22

During the weekend of December 10th

  • On Saturday, on the interior of the building, crews will continue the installation of the finishes on the lower floors of the tower. Painting final coat and touchups continue. Startup, testing, and commissioning of the building’s mechanical systems continue.
  • On the exterior of the building, the installation of landscape site features, curbing, and sidewalks continue.
Installing stone planters along the laneway.

During the week of December 12th

  • Crews continue installing finish material to the stair guardrails on the atrium stair.
  • Installation of finishes will continue throughout, including whiteboards, corner guards, cabinetry, wood and acoustical ceilings, and final coats of paint.
  • On the terraces, final details are being installed including final plantings, lighting, and security bollards.
  • Start-up, testing, and commissioning of the building’s systems continues.
  • Exterior site work continues, retaining wall, ramp, stair, planter, and tree install continues at the laneway between the building and the rear of the Bay State Road brownstones.
  • Crews will be demolishing a small portion of the existing sidewalk between the building and Sargent College. Concrete bases for new campus signage will be set and the sidewalk will be replaced.
  • Deliveries and assembly of office furniture will continue, working up the building.
  • The project will continue utilizing a second shift, from 3 pm to 11 pm, Monday through Friday to continue interior work, accommodate off-hour deliveries, material loading, and debris removal. To continue the start-up and testing of building systems, select subcontractors may continue working on a third shift, from 11 pm to 7 am, while the workforce is less than during normal business hours.
  • Please be aware in addition to daily deliveries, trucks with large trailers will be staged adjacent to and moving around the site and pedestrians should be aware of all safety and directional signage in the areas as pedestrian and vehicle travel paths may be altered.

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