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Saying Goodbye: An Interview with Donald E. Zizzi, Ph.D.

Professor Donald E. Zizzi has been a faculty member in the City Planning and Urban Affairs program since 2007. His expertise lies in urban and regional economics, economic development, business development, development finance, public budgeting, and strategic planning and management. After nine years in the classroom, the respected professor and colleague says goodbye, and shares […]

UPA walking tour illustrates history, placemaking in Boston

On a sunny, Saturday morning, 30 students from the BU City Planning and Urban Affairs program and MET International gathered for a fun, educational walking tour of Boston.  Michael Schulte (MET’17), an Urban Planning Association Officer and Master of City Planning candidate, led the pack through Boston’s historical downtown. On September 10, students discussed how […]

Prospective #BUCPUA students flock to BU MET College Open House

Prospective graduate students spent a dynamic Saturday morning engaging students, alumni, and faculty from the BU City Planning and Urban Affairs (BUCPUA) program. The BU Metropolitan College hosted a graduate-level open house on Saturday, July 30, providing an ideal forum to discover the vast opportunities afforded through a Master of City Planning or Urban Affairs […]

Public health leader proves residents and researchers can partner to catalyze policy change

On July 18, Dr. Doug Brugge, PhD, a professor of public health and community medicine, visited BU City Planning and Urban Affairs (BUCPUA) students in Felix Zemel’s UA 510 Course, Public Health and the Built Environment.   As director of the Community Assessment of Freeway Exposure and Health (CAFEH), Brugge described the lasting impacts of ultrafine […]

Data analyst from Boston Cyclists Union offers strategy to better assess transit equity

On June 21, Raphael Dumas, a Mapping and Data Analyst at the Boston Cyclists Union, visited BU City Planning and Urban Affairs (BUCPUA) students in Doug Johnson’s UA 510 Course, Transit-Oriented Development in the 21st Century.   Dumas provided research insights from his master’s thesis on analyzing transit equity using automatically collected data. “We hear a […]