Photo of Jim Carter

Lecturer in Italian Associate Director, CIMS

Jim Carter encountered Italian culture as a study abroad student, when he worked as a film journalist in Florence, Italy. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in Italian with a concentration in Film Studies, and he now sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies.

His teaching and research interests include Italian language, literature, cinema, media and the environmental humanities. He has published six peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters about twentieth-century industrial culture, including studies of writers (Fortini, Giudici, Ottieri, Volponi, Buzzi), filmmakers (Olmi) and editors (Vittorini, Calvino). He is the co-editor of the essay collection Italian Industrial Literature and Film: Perspectives on the Representation of Postwar Labor (Peter Lang, 2021) and the author of the book Olivetti and the Cultural History of Italian Business (in progress). In 2018-2019, he won the Rome Prize in Modern Italian Studies from the American Academy in Rome.

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