The Chemistry Department ships through FedEx and UPS. For more information about shipping with either vendor, contact Maria Farias at 8-1870.


UPS delivers and picks up daily, usually by 11:00, although afternoon pickups can sometimes be arranged. Maria can also generate UPS shipping labels.


Chemistry keeps a supply of FedEx shipping materials on hand, including airbills and pouches, envelopes, and an assortment of boxes. FedEx airbills can be requested at the front desk. If you’re not sure how to complete a FedEx airbill, ask for assistance. The customer copy (top sheet) of all Chemistry airbills must be returned to the front office for record keeping.
FedEx requires two (2) hours notice for pickups. For same-day shipping, bring packages to the front office before 2:00. After 2:00, use the drop-off box at the corner of Blanford and Commonwealth, or the Kinko’s/FedEx Store on Cummington Street at the west end of Warren Towers. Packages brought to the front desk after 2:00 will be picked up the following day.


Please note that while the department is happy to help with shipments, with a rotating front desk support group, you will be the best resource to follow-up and guarantee that your out-going shipments are taken care of.